Marker Holder

Learn about Sparki's Marker Holder


Lessons You Should Know

Sparki has a hole in its center to hold markers. With a marker in the center, Sparki can draw out shapes by moving with its wheels. Top - Marker Holder

How It Works

Certain markers work better than others. We offer markers in the Sparki Materials Pack, and also recommend Expo Vis-a-Vis markers, which are commonly found wherever whiteboard markers are sold. Vis-a-Vis Ideally, when the marker is inserted into the hole, it should hit the paper without being able to be moved much side to side. If the marker is too small for the hole, it will drift from side to side when Sparki moves from one side to another.

Using the Part

With the marker inserted, you can move Sparki around using its wheels to draw shapes. We have also created the Drawing with Sparki lesson to learn how to make drawings with your Sparki.