How to Use ArduBlock

These videos show how to create programs with ArduBlock.


Lessons You Should Know

Adding Blocks

To add a new block, click on a category on the left hand side. Left-click and hold on a block you want, then drag that block into place. Notice that not all blocks fit together. You can tell if a block will fit by the shape of it’s connector.

Deleting Blocks

To delete a block, left-click and hold down the mouse button, dragging the block off to the block-selection area on the left side.

To navigate around the blocks, click and drag the grey background behind the blocks.

Copying Blocks

To copy a block, right click on the block, the click “Clone”. Then place the block as though you were adding a new block.

Commenting on Blocks

To comment on a block, right click on the block and select “Add Comment”. Click the question mark on the upper left-hand side of the block to hide and show the comment.

Editing Value Blocks

To edit the value of a block, click on that box’s value. Type the new value, then hit the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.