USB 32 Servo Controller

The Servotor32 robot controller is fully Arduino-compatible open hardware, capable of controlling up to 32 servos simultaneously. Hook it to your PC/Mac via USB or have it run autonomously without computer control.

Some specs:

  • Atmega32u4 Processor @16mhz
  • 32 Servo pins
  • Ultrasonic Distance sensing module plug
  • Slot for Bluetooth-Serial Converter
  • 8 extra analog inputs
  • I2C, UART,
  • 4PWM channels
  • 14 Digital IO pins

Programmable using the Arduino IDE as an Arduino Leonardo.

Installing the Serovotor32 Library

Updating the Serovotor32 Firmware

Command Set

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Driver
OSX and Linux installs are driverless

Servotor32 v2.0 Firmware
Servotor32 v1.7 Firmware

Servotor32 v1.5 Firmware
Servotor32 v1.4 Firmware
Servotor32 v1.3 Firmware 

source files on Github