Servotor32 – USB 32 Servo Controller


 Servotor32-Top  Servotor32-Back
Servotor32-Side-Back Serovot32-RightAngle


The Servotor32 robot controller is fully Arduino-compatible open hardware, capable of controlling up to 32 servos simultaneously. Hook it to your PC/Mac via USB or have it run autonomously without computer control.

Some specs:

  • Atmega32u4 Processor @16mhz
  • 32 Servo pins
  • Ultrasonic Distance sensing module plug
  • Slot for Bluetooth-Serial Converter
  • 8 extra analog inputs
  • I2C, UART,
  • 4PWM channels
  • 14 Digital IO pins

Programmable using the Arduino IDE as an Arduino Leonardo.

Windows 7 Driver
OSX and Linux installs are driverless

Servotor32 v2.0 Firmware
Servotor32 v1.7 Firmware

Servotor32 v1.5 Firmware
Servotor32 v1.4 Firmware
Servotor32 v1.3 Firmware 

source files on Github