Installing SparkiDuino On Windows

Download the SparkiDuino software installer:


Double-click the installer icon:

01 Install Icon

Click “Yes” to install:
02 Install Popup

Then click “Next”:
03 Setup Start

Choose where you want to install it:
04 Setup Location

Choose what name you want to show up in the start menu:
05 Setup Name

Choose which icons you want, and where you want them:
06 Setup Shortcuts

Confirm your choices and click “Install”:
07 Setup Confirm

Wait for the install to complete:
08 Setup

Now install the drivers by clicking “Next”:
11 Driver Installed

This will take a while…
10 Driver Installing

Once they’re installed, click “Finish”:

09 Driver Install

SparkiDuino is installed! Click “Finish” to launch SparkiDuino:
12 Finished

The SparkiDuino software should start automatically:
13 Started

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