Installing miniBloq

Download the miniBloq Installer
Run the Installer and Agree to Install

Double-click on the installer file that is downloaded:

miniBloq Install - 01 Installer Icon

Agree to run the installer, giving it permission to install:

miniBloq Install - 02 Agree to Install
Follow the Installer’s Directions

The installer will ask you a series of instructions. If you’re not sure what to select, just keep clicking next until you see the “Ready to Install” box, then click Install. The installer will install miniBloq.

miniBloq Install - 03 miniBloq Install - 04 miniBloq Install - 05 miniBloq Install - 06 Shortcut choose miniBloq Install - 07 Install Confirmation miniBloq Install - 08 Installing
Install the Drivers

The installer will then install the drivers required to use Sparki. Click next, and the drivers will be installed. This step may take a couple minutes as the drivers are being installed. You should see green checkmarks next to the ArcBotics LLC. driver once it is installed. Click Finish.

miniBloq Install - 09 Driver Install miniBloq Install - 11 Drivers Installed miniBloq Install - 12 Install Finished
Upload a Program

miniBloq is installed! miniBloq should open automatically once it is installed. If not, double-click the miniBloq icon on your desktop.

Now follow the next tutorial to upload your first program.

Upload a Program