How to Identify your Servotor32 Firmware

There are two options available for identifying your Servotor32’s firmware:

Through PoMoCo 2, and through serial commands.

Option 1 – PoMoCo 2

Checking Version Numbers with PoMoCo 2

Don’t have PoMoCo 2? Get it here.

When using PoMoCo 2, the connection bar up top shows the status of the connection with the Servotor32, as well as its firmware version.

Once you autoconnect/connect with the board, you should see the firmware version on the right:

Connection Bar - connected

Option 2 – Serial Commands

Install the Arduino IDE

The latest version are available from here, or you can download the version 1.6.7 below:

win_32px Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10

osx_32x Mac OSX

lin_32x Linux 32 Linux 64
Select the Serial Port

Select the Servotor32’s serial port for the Servotor32 from the menu Tools > Port.

It should say ‘Arduino Leonardo’ or ‘ArcBotics Servotor32’ on the right if you are using the latest version of Arduino. If you don’t see this port, try plugging the board back in, re-installing PoMoCo, or installing just the driver.

Open the Serial Monitor

Click on the Serial Monitor in the upper right-hand corner of the Arduino IDE to talk to the board – make sure the serial port is selected first:

Select ‘newline’ as Your Line Ending

With the Serial Monitor Open, select newline from the line ending slection box at the bottom of the Serial Monitor windows

servotor32_firmware_check_02 servotor32_firmware_check_03
Enter the ‘V’ Command

With ‘newline’ selected, type the capital letter V into the box on top and press enter.

Read the Output

The board should reply back with its firmware version.

If you see the response below (SERVOTOR32_v2.0), or some other similar version number, it’s a success!


Now you can play with PoMoCo

You can also try other commands with the board. We have a full list here:

Servotor32 Serial Commands