Learn how to use Sparki's Wheels


Lessons You Should Know

Sparki has two wheels that it uses to move around with.

Top - Wheels

How It Works

Sparki’s two wheels are driven by two geared stepper motors. This special type of motor lets you command Sparki to move a very precise  distance.

Using the Part

With the basic Sparki code in place, you can move Sparki using these commands: Each of these commands move Sparki in a certain direction. Sparki will continue to drive in that direction until a moveStop command is run. You can also tell Sparki to move a certain amount with each command. For the moveForward and moveBackward commands, the number is in centimeters. For rotateLeft and rotateRight, it is in degrees. Sparki runs this command until it is done, then performs the next command. For example, to move forward 20 centimeters and then stop, you would use: Wheels - Distance
To rotate right 90 degrees and then stop, you would use: Wheels - Rotate
SparkiDuino already has code examples for you to use: File > Examples > Sparki > Wheels Here is one example that shows all the movement commands: