Infrared LED

Learn about Sparki's Infrared LED


Lessons You Should Know

Sparki has an Infrared LED. It is used to send information to other Sparkis like a remote control by rapidly blinking invisible infrared light. Top - Infrared LED

How It Works

Infrared remotes work by sending codes via flashing lights. These lights flash really fast; Sparki’s infrared LED flashes 38,000 times a second. By changing the amount of time between each flash, Sparki can send a burst that is meant to be a 1 or a 0, known as bits. Signal Diagram Sparki sends these flashes until an entire code has been sent. Specifically, Sparki uses the NEC infrared code protocol.

Using the Part

With the basic Sparki code in place, you can send infrared codes using this command: Where code is an 8bit value. This can be a number from 0 to 255, or a character like ‘a’ or ‘D’. Sending a code like this will allow a Sparki nearby to receive it with the Infrared Remote Receiver  SparkiDuino already has code examples for you to use: File > Examples > Infrared LED