14g Metal Gear Servo with Analog Feedback


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This servo is specially designed by ArcBotics, with extra features for robotics. The extra white wire reads out the position of the servo as an analog voltage, which lets you do any number of cool things, from recording and playing back positions to computer-less calibration of offsets, improving position control with feedback, and more!

These servos also include a special hole in the bottom directly below the servo horn, sized to pivot around an M5 screw. This is great for those robotics projects for when you need to pivot arms and legs around the servo axis.

Existing Hexy customers: 
We are offering a discount of $3/servo to all existing Hexy customers.

Please contact our support line at [email protected] with your name, order information of your Hexy (where you purchased it and date), and we will send you an unique discount code.