Getting Started with Hexy

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Step 1 -Build it

Step 2 - Install Servotor32 and Update it

2.1 – Install the Drivers

Drivers for the Servotor32 controller that powers Hexy:

Windows 7/XP Driver
OSX and Linux are driver-free installs

2.2 – Install the Arduino Software

Install the Arduino IDE and update the board firmware:

Arduino IDE Download

2.3 – Update the Firmware

You can upload the servotor32 firmware as you would any Arduino code. Tutorials for how to upload arduino code are available for WindowsMac OS X and Linux. The board is programmable as an Arduino Leonardo. You cannot use the bluetooth module to program the board, only to connect and control it.

Note: Do not install blink as per the tutorial The tutorial is only on how to upload code.

Install Latest Firmware: Servotor32 v2.0 Firmware

Step 3 - Install and Run PoMoCo

win_32px PoMoCo 1.0 for Windows

osx_32x PoMoCo 1.0 for Mac OS X

lin_32x PoMoCo 1.0 for Linux

Advanced users can install from source

Step 4 - Use PoMoCo to run moves

Robo-dance away!

Some additional guides:

Support is available on the forums, or by contacting our support staff.

For replacements and troubleshooting of any issues, please contact us.