Using PoMoCo 2.0

Here’s PoMoCo 2.0 – The Position and Motion Controller:

Plain Start

Servo Control

Each of the individual icons inside the main frame control and individual servo. These icons can be dragged around, hidden, disabled, enabled, used to control the servo angle, and used to edit the servo offset.

Servo Control

Connection Bar

This bar shows the status of the connection to the controller, the controller type, lets you select the port, automatically connect to the board using intelligent port-detection, or manually connect to the board using the specified port, and see the firmware version of connected boards.

Connection Bar - Not connected
Connection Bar - connected

Moves List

Where move files are turned into buttons, and turned into arduino code.. 
For more information on how to write moves, see the lesson on how to write PoMoCo 2.0 Moves

Move List Bar

Servo Selection

Where actions are preformed on multiple items at once. Also allows control over which icons are shown and disabled.

Servo Selection

Console Output

This is where PoMoCo talks back to you, telling the status of certain events.