Recap of Coding Tips & Tricks

What We’ve Covered So Far

Find in Reference is probably your best learning tool, use it:

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 8.15.09 AM

Error messages come in many different forms and they are your friends:

If you’re scared of error messages you won’t get anywhere with code. Think of them as puzzles to be solved. There are a whole bunch of different parts to error messages in SparkiDuino that will help you figure out the errors.

SparkiDuino shows you the line in the code that your cursor is currently on and tries to point out where your errors are:

Line numbers are pretty useful, if you get used to using them you’ll be miles ahead 0f people who don’t.  

Next Step:

We’ll move on to something called Pseudocode and strategies for writing code next. It may not be as exciting as making Sparki move around or beep, but these tools for writing code are extremely important for becoming a good coder, so stick with it!

Next Lesson – Variables