Arduino code not uploading

Having trouble uploading your Arduino code? Try the following:

Make sure the board is active, and the proper board type is selected

There should be a green led on light.

Make sure the proper serial port is selected.

Figure out which one is the correct one here

Try manually resetting the board:

1.) Hold the reset button down, don’t unpress it yet

2.) Press upload on the Arduino software, and wait for a second after it shows “uploading code”

3.) Unpress the reset button, this acts as the “reset” the Arduino software is waiting for

4.) The Arduino software should now load a new program, and the bootloader should run it.

How software uploads work on Sparki and Hexy’s Servotor32:

1.) Arduino software sends a signal to the board to reset to the bootloader

2.) Arduino software waits for the USB connection to reset because the board switched from application to bootloader

3.) Board is now in bootloader

4.) Arduino software sees new USB connection, verifies that the bootloader is active, and sends the bootloader a new program

5.) Bootloader re-writes the program space with the program the Arduino software just sent it, then runs the application what it just wrote